Religious Groups Bring Pro-Choice Billboards to Oklahoma

The Rev. Sheri Dickerson says supporting reproductive justice is among her faith’s most critical callings.

Dickerson is one of many faith leaders involved with the Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice (OCRJ), an all-volunteer grassroots organization based in Oklahoma City dedicated to reproductive justice education and advocacy. Last week OCRJ launched a high visibility billboard campaign to show support for abortion rights among people of faith.

I feel as someone who is part of the faith community that it is part of my mission and calling to be a voice and an advocate for reproductive justice, especially but not exclusive to abortion care,” Dickerson said. “Anti-abortion advocates are very outspoken, and so I think it is crucial and necessary for those of us who are part of a faith community and leadership that we counteract that by being vocal in our support for people to have abortions.”

The campaign includes eight billboards north and south of Oklahoma City, near Stillwater, Edmond, Marlow, Chickasha, and Newcastle, as well as radio spots and online ads. The billboards read: “People of faith love those who have abortions,” and “God loves those who have abortions.”

Billboards were chosen as part of this campaign to reach people in more rural parts of Oklahoma who might not otherwise receive the message, said Emma Newberry-Davis, spokesperson for OCRJ.

“What we really like about using billboards is making a bold public statement. We really wanted to change the narrative around abortion and faith,” Newberry-Davis said. “During the legislative session there is always some legislator who brings up their faith, and that they are anti-choice because of their faith. But we know there are people who are pro-choice because of their faith,…

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