“Range of Permissible Opinions” is “Steadily Shrinking”

Iconic French author sounds alarm bell over free speech

Paul Joseph Watson
December 14, 2018


Legendary French author Michel Houellebecq warns that the “range of permissible opinions” that people are allowed to express publicly is “steadily shrinking”.

In a piece for Harper’s, the literary icon warns that freedom of speech is being strangled.

“The Americans are no longer prepared to die for the freedom of the press,” writes Houellebecq, adding, “Besides, what freedom of the press? Ever since I was twelve years old, I’ve watched the range of opinions permissible in the press steadily shrinking.”

He then decried a new “hunting expedition” in France against conservative writer Éric Zemmour, author of The French Suicide, which argues that French society has been greatly damaged by neo-liberalism, Islam and political correctness.

Zemmour recently received heat for warning that France was being reverse colonized by decades of mass immigration that came about as a result of national self-loathing.

Houellebecq, whose book Submission, which warned of an Islamist takeover of France, was published on the day of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, has also been targeted for espousing unpopular truths.

In 2002, the author was put on trial for racial hatred and later acquitted after saying that Islam was “the dumbest religion” during an interview. He has also intermittently had to rely on armed protection due to threats against his life by Islamic terrorists.

Elsewhere in his Harper’s piece, Houellebecq notes that Europe has always been in a historical struggle against Islam and that “that struggle has simply returned to the foreground.”

He also looks forward to the European Union dissolving and France once again becoming an independent country.

“It’s my belief that we in Europe have neither a common language, nor common values, nor common interests,…

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