Rand Paul Is Single-handedly Preventing War With Iran

Senator is the only real peace maker in Washington

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 13, 2018

A report citing an unnamed aide to President Trump has suggested that the only reason that the US has not because embroiled in military conflict with Iran is because Rand Paul has the President’s ear on foreign policy and is offsetting the parade of war hawk neocons circling Trump.

The report, published by Politico, notes that Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton was a staunch proponent of regime change in Iran, as was Secretary of State Mike Pompeoand Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

All three have embraced the neocon position of preventive military action, but now have allstated publicly that the US will not seek regime change in Iran.

The Politico report suggests that this is all down to Rand Paul.

“While Trump tolerates his hawkish advisers, the [Trump] aide added, he shares a real bond with Paul: ‘He actually at gut level has the same instincts as Rand Paul…’.”

The report further notes that “Trump has stopped short of calling for regime change even though Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Bolton support it, aligning with Paul instead, according to a GOP foreign policy expert in frequent contact with the White House.”

The source indicates that “’Rand Paul has persuaded the president that we are not for regime change in Iran… because adopting that position would instigate another war in the Middle East.”

The source also claims that Rand Paul and Trump share a common enjoyment of poking fun at the war hawks.

“The Kentucky senator and the commander-in-chief have bonded over a shared delight in thumbing their noses at…

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