Protect Your Property and Family by Any Means Necessary

Prepperu2019s Home Def…
Jim Cobb
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Step by step. Each are of concern addressed clearly and gives you something to think about. From what you’ll need to think about should the worst happen. Covers food and how to stash it. How to protect your family from those that would do them harm. Dogs and which breed would fit your needs based on YOU and your family. Weapons, hand to hand, set up radios to keep in touch with those you wish to keep in close contact with. Set up a watch schedule, how to set up early detection devises, so you’ll know someone is coming without them knowing that you are aware of them, SURPRISE is the element we all want on our side. EVERYTHING… I can not think of an area that was left out. Glad I bought the book, very glad.
Semper FI
Hap Smith Jr. 2112
U.S.Marine Corps (retired)

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