Prison » ‘You Got to Grind Your Boot Into White Supremacy’s Throat Until You Hear It Stop Breathing’

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
November 22, 2018

“You cannot allow white supremacy to scurry away in the corner and lick its wounds and regroup,” Byron Ragland, who is African-American, said during a press conference in front of a store he was asked to leave in Kirkland, Washington earlier this month after being accused of loitering.

“You got to keep your foot on white supremacy’s neck,” Ragland continued. “You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing. When it begs you for mercy, you show it none — ’cause in last 400 years, it hasn’t shown you any.”

Ragland’s comments were directed at Hispanic small business owner Ramon Cruz, who owns Kirkland Menchie’s in Kirkland, Washington. Cruz said he called police on Ragland on November 7 because he was sitting alone for 30 minutes in his store buying nothing and eyeing his employees, which made them feel scared.

KOMO News reports:

“They are kind of scared because he looks suspicious,” Cruz told the dispatcher.

It turns out, Ragland was working as a court-appointed advocate supervising a visit between a mother and a son at the next table. Police learned that when they arrived, but asked Ragland to leave.

[…]Cruz posted an apology letter to the front door of his business, which was locked up and closed for the day. The letter offered an apology to Mr. Ragland, and the entire community, and said it was closed for the day to conduct staff training.

“We still require accountability and restitution,” said Ragland.

His attorney is threatening possible legal action and calling for “authentic actual justice.”

“The authentic actual justice is coming to Kirkland,” said attorney James Bible. “Get ready Kirkland; get ready Menchie’s.”

About 30 community members and police officers were at the rally.

“I’m sick of it, it hurts that it’s happening here…

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