Prison » Yale Study Finds That White Liberals Dumb Down Their Vocabulary When Speaking to Black People

The bigotry of low expectations strikes again

Paul Joseph Watson
November 27, 2018


A new Yale study has found that white liberals deliberately dumb down their vocabulary when speaking to black people in comparison to conservatives who don’t.

According to the study, which is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, “white liberals tend to downplay their own verbal competence in exchanges with racial minorities.”

Cydney Dupree, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM, and her co-author, Susan Fiske of Princeton University, first analyzed campaign speeches given by white Democrats and Republicans to minority audiences then compared them to speeches given to white audiences.

They found that, “Democratic candidates used fewer competence-related words in speeches delivered to mostly minority audiences than they did in speeches delivered to mostly white audiences.”

The same difference was not found in speeches given by Republican candidates.

They then expanded the study to include members of the general public, who were first tested to ascertain their political persuasion.

“They designed a series of experiments in which white participants were asked to respond to a hypothetical or presumed-real interaction partner. For half of these participants, their partner was given a stereotypically white name (such as “Emily”); for the other half, their partner was given a stereotypically black name (such as “Lakisha”). Participants were asked to select from a list of words for an email to their partner. For some studies, this email was for a work-related task; for others, this email was simply to introduce themselves. Each word had been previously scored on how warm or competent it appears. The word “sad,” for example, scored low for both warmth and competence. “Melancholy,” on the other hand, scored…

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