Prison » Swedish Journalist Probed for ‘Hate Speech’ Over Sharia-Mocking Cartoons

May 22, 2018

The former editor-in-chief for the Sweden Democrats magazine Samtiden (“Our age”) has been interrogated by the authorities after being reported to the police by the Net Hate Examiner group. The reason is two satirical drawings about Islamism he published on Facebook.

After publishing a picture including two fictional book covers, journalist and pundit Jan Sjunnesson has been called into police interview for “incitement of hatred.” Sjunnesson himself sees this as an attempt to discredit him.

The picture that landed Sjunnesson in hot water was published in connection with the Gothenburg Book Fair in September 2017, which featured two divisive books that led to a hot debate: “Grandmother is no Ghost” and “Grandfather Has Four Wives.” The two books were published in collaboration with the society, Somali Nordic Culture and enlightened preschoolers about other cultures’ ways such as polygamy and full face veils.

To this, Sjunnesson responded with a picture of two imaginary book titles. One of them is called “Mustafa wants to come along” and features children picking up stones to hurl at a girl. The other one is called “With Grandpa at Work” and shows two men torturing a third one with a whip.

Sjunnesson recorded the police interrogation which happened on May 15 and went on to publish it in full. During the hearing, Sjunnesson admitted having posted the image, but denied committing any crime.

“I didn’t mean any disrespect,” Sjunnesson said during the interrogation, pointing out that the images were meant as satirical.

According to Sjunnesson, he was reported to the police by the taxpayer-funded Näthatsgranskaren (Net…

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