Prison » State News Channel in France Censors Anti-Macron Sign During Live Broadcast

Ludicrously claims doctoring was “human error”

Paul Joseph Watson
December 18, 2018


A state-owned news channel in France censored an anti-Macron protest sign during a live broadcast, setting off a wave of complaints about censorship.

France 3, the second largest public television station in France doctored a placard held by a yellow vest protester during last weekend’s demonstrations in Paris.

The original sign said “Macron dégage,” meaning “Macron get lost,” but when it was broadcast on Saturday evening the sign had been amended to read simply “Macron”.

France 3 is owned by France Télévisions, which is in turn a state-owned company.


Jean-Baptiste Reddé, a leading light in the yellow vest movement and the man holding the sign immediately complained to the CSA, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, an institution tasked with regulating electronic media in France.

The channel was forced into an embarrassing apology but absurdly denied the doctoring was deliberate by pleading “human error”.

The SNJ France Télévisions union responded to the controversy by denouncing the doctoring as an act of “inexcusable professional misconduct” and demanded an inquiry.

“We demand to hear her explanations and the measures she plans to take to prevent these things from happening again,” the union said in a statement. “What about the responsibility of the chief editor?”

As we reported yesterday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe admitted that the French government made massive mistakes in responding to the demonstrations and that, “We did not listen enough to the French people.”


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