Prison » Seattle Official Gives Heroin Injection Sites a Pass but Hates E-Cigarettes

Louder With Crowder
November 30, 2018

On the drug scale, heroin is pretty bad.

Sure, it didn’t get an AMC television show with stellar acting and epic one-liners. But it did get Trainspotting and the toilet scene. Heroin is still way worse than an everyday cigarette, even if heroin is not the one who knocks. But according to Seattle, the city of Microsoft, Starbucks and plastic straw banning, vaping is worse than loose heroin needles which may or may not be full of disease.

Under threat of federal intervention, manufacturer Juul vowed to stop selling most flavors for e-cigs. It will end social-media advertisements of the product, too. FDA and public health officials argued it leads to higher numbers of teens using the product.

But one King County public official wants an outright ban, all while the county pushes ahead with heroin injection sites. Yes, that mango flavored e-juice warrants an outright ban, but heroin addicts should be given a space to shoot up.

Here’s the kicker: that one King County official is concerned all the vaping is appealing to teens. He wants to shut down the vaping. Meanwhile, heroin injection sites are given the pass.

If you haven’t spotted the obvious problem, I’ll give you a minute to think it over.

That’s long enough.

It’s true people often equate what is legal with what is morally just. Which is one of many reasons anti-abortion advocates would like for abortion to be illegal. Legal abortion, like legal slavery, makes it morally just in many people’s minds.

No, that’s not me saying vaping should be illegal.

But it is me saying if you’re giving heroin injection a pass because “They’ll do it anyway,” but seek to ban vaping because “it sends the wrong message” we’ve got ourselves a problem. King County government giving the blessing to injection sites sends the obvious message that heroin is fine, so long as you’re clean…

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