Prison » Rand Paul ‘Couldn’t Agree More’ With Trump

Senator praises President’s vow to end aid to Pakistan

Steve Watson
January 2, 2018

Senator Rand Paul expressed overwhelming endorsement for Donald Trump after the President vowed to end years of aid going to Pakistan, given the fact that the country harbors terrorists.

Trump tweeted a promise to put a halt to Pakistan receiving billions of dollars from the US government every year for the last decade and a half.

The President said that no more will he tolerate the Pakistani authorities ‘lies and deceit’, and ‘thinking of our leaders as fools’.

Senator Rand Paul responded to give a whole hearted thumbs up to Trump’s sentiment, noting that he himself has advocated ending aid to Pakistan for years.

Paul vowed to ‘lead the charge in the Senate’, urging ‘Let’s make this happen’.

Meanwhile, Paul also vowed to ‘restore the fourth amendment’ by working on a bipartisan solution to surveillance reform:

It was reported last week that the administration is considering withholding $225 million in aid to Pakistan over frustration with its handling of terror…

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