Prison » Racist? Mexican Citizens Clash With Migrant Caravan in Tijuana

Hundreds of residents of Tijuana demand migrants go home

Paul Joseph Watson
November 16, 2018


Hundreds of Mexican residents waving flags clashed with members of the migrant caravan in Tijuana, demanding that they leave.

“Pushing, shoving, kicking and a couple of blows broke out between masses of residents and migrants,” reports the Palm Springs Desert Sun, adding that, “After midnight, residents assaulted journalists, injuring at least three, according to reporters on the scene.”

Footage shows Mexicans chanting songs before attempting to attack some of the migrants.

While the media has denounced Donald Trump and his supporters as racist for opposing the migrant caravan and describing it as an “invasion,” one wonders what their response will be to Mexicans physically attacking migrants, or whether they will largely ignore the story altogether because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Another video shows some of the migrants scaling a fence at the U.S.-Mexico border.

While most of the women and children were removed and taken to shelters, migrant men said they “were determined to stay together at the beach and await the estimated 2,000 more caravan members on their way to Tijuana.”

As we previously reported, there are a number of MS-13 gang members amongst the caravan, while “About 80 percent” of those in the migrant caravan “are men under the age of 35,” according to Fox News.


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