Prison » Mueller Team Comes Up With New Excuse To Avoid Sharing Their ‘Evidence’ Against ‘Russian Troll Farm’

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
January 31, 2019

Robert Mueller’s team asked a judge not to make them share any more evidence with the lawyers representing the Internet Research Agency because someone allegedly using a “Russian IP address” uploaded some objectively valueless files Mueller’s team shared with them during discovery to the internet — most of which they admit were likely already public.

As a reminder, Mueller has been fighting for months now not to make any of the supposed “evidence” he has against this “Russian troll farm” public (they likely never thought they would challenge any of their claims in court as the accused are all Russian nationals) and this supposed “leak” is now providing them with one more excuse not to share any of it with the IRA’s lawyers or the American public.

From Fox News, “Hackers stole evidence in case of accused Russian troll farm, Mueller’s office says”:

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that confidential discovery material provided to a Russian company accused by Special Counsel Robert Mueller of being a troll farm was stolen, altered and made public on social media “as part of a disinformation campaign” to discredit Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Prosecutors made the claim in an 18-page filing in federal court in Washington arguing that representatives of Concord Management and Consulting LLC should not be permitted to view additional sensitive evidence outside of the United States because it “unreasonably risks the national security interests of the United States.” Specifically, the Mueller team claims that the evidence in question “identifies uncharged individuals and entities that the government believes are continuing to engage in operations that interfere with lawful U.S. government functions”. The evidence also allegedly identifies “sources, methods, and techniques used to identify the…

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