Prison » MSNBC Analyst Claims ‘Conspiracies’ About FBI Text Messages Could Lead to Violence

“There are going to be consequences”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 26, 2018


MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan suggested that conspiracy theories about missing FBI text messages could lead to a violent massacre.

Remarking that Trump supporters pushing for the release of the missing text messages (which have since been found) “don’t realize the consequences… where this could end,” Jordan compared the issue to the 2016 PizzaGate controversy, which ended in a 28-year-old man walking into the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington DC and firing three shots from an AR-15 rifle.

“You know, it seemed like fun and games for plenty of the conspiracy theorists who were saying that Hillary Clinton had a pedophilia ring in a D.C. pizza parlor until a guy showed up there with a machine gun,” Jordan said.

“And, the President’s rhetoric, the rhetoric that is endorsed by his followers — by his prominent followers on television — there are going to be consequences. And I think that it’s something that they should think about as they actively endorse it,” she added.

However, unlike PizzaGate, the FBI text messages are part of a national news story and a national debate, they are evidently not a conspiracy theory.

Jordan’s rhetoric is similar to her MSNBC colleague Joe Scarborough’s insistence that the text messages and discussion of a “secret society” within the FBI are “conspiracy theories” being “spread for political reasons,” despite the fact that FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page’s text messages directly mention a “secret society” within the FBI.

In addition, a separate whistleblower told Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) that this same “secret society” was holding meetings “off-site”.

Jordan’s absurd and hyperbolic suggestion that asking questions about corruption within the FBI and the Justice Department…

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