Prison » Iraq War vet who called out social media censorship booted from Twitter

November 26, 2018


Iraq War veteran and former Republican congressional candidate Jesse Kelly has been banned from Twitter for unclear reasons, becoming yet another conservative personality to be kicked from the platform.

Kelly’s account on Twitter was disabled on Sunday, drawing anger from many conservative commentators, as the ban was apparently affected with no prior notice.

A guessing game started about what might have prompted Kelly’s suspension, while liberal Twitter welcomed the move, accusing the Marine Corps vet of stoking violence.

Kelly was deployed to Iraq before retiring from the Marine Corps in 2004. In 2010, he ran as a Republican for the US House of Representatives seat in Arizona, losing to Democrat and gun control advocate Gabrielle Giffords by a single point.

In 2012, he attempted to secure the same seat in the Arizona special election, also without success.

Kelly is the host of “The Jesse Kelly Show” on a talk radio station in Houston.

The former Marine has been a frequent guest on Fox News, ironically predicting his Twitter ban in his latest appearance on Fox’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ while talking about the suspension of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from Twitter and Facebook in August.

“That’s the point, Tucker. And they are coming for you and me next,” Kelly told Carlson. While disagreeing with Jones and calling him a “nutjob,” Kelly firmly believes free speech rules should apply to everyone.

In a column which Kelly wrote about the same time, he chastised moderate conservatives who were reluctant to decry Jones’ ban or even praised the move, warning that it is a slippery slope towards banning all opinions that stray from the mainstream.

Conservative Twitter has been incensed regarding the removal of Kelly’s profile page, with some denouncing the platform for stooping to a “new low” in suppressing right-wing…

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