Prison » GOP Video Mocks Dems For “Blue Wave” That Never Appeared

More like a blue ripple

Paul Joseph Watson
November 7, 2018


A new video released by the GOP trolls Democrats by illustrating how the long predicted “blue wave” never actually materialized.

Despite Democrats taking control of the House, their margin of victory was far shorter than many predictions, while Republicans increased their control of the Senate.

All four of the candidates Barack Obama campaigned for lost, while the GOP out-performed the historical average for the president’s party in mid-terms.

The compilation clip released by the GOP features numerous talking heads admitting that the ‘blue wave’ was more of a ripple, with some having previously asserted that “an enormous tsunami-like blue wave” was coming.

“There was some hope that the Democrats would have a wave election, it’s not going to be a wave election,” said Democratic strategist James Carville as the results came in.

“This is not a blue wave….Democrats did hope for a big blue wave, that is not happening,” acknowledged CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Democrats are not winning in the way they were hoping to win earlier in the night,” said another commentator.

“It’s a red wave on the Senate side at least,” added another MSNBC host.

Just like every other fever dream of the anti-Trump “resistance,” the blue wave’ turned out to be as genuine as “Russian collusion”.


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