Prison » FISA Memo Could Be Made Public by a Congressman Simply Reading it on the House Floor

Judge Napolitano says it would be protected under the Constitution

Paul Joseph Watson
January 24, 2018


While Americans become increasingly frustrated over lawmakers’ failure to secure the release of the FISA memo, Judge Andrew Napolitano says it could be made public simply by a member of Congress reading it aloud on the House floor.

The memo purportedly contains evidence that the Obama administration abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on the Trump campaign before the election. Some lawmakers have said the memo reads more like something that would come out of the KGB than America.

“Talks among congressional leaders about the process by which the memo could be publicly released are underway,” reports the Washington Examiner, and the White House has indicated that it will not stand in the way.

However, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News there was a very easy method by which the memo could be released immediately – if a lawmaker simply reads it out on the House floor.

Napolitano said that if the memo isn’t released by a vote, “I’m suggesting that one of those members of Congress….should take this to the floor of the House of Representatives and release it there because the Constitution protects anything that is said there.”

He added that Senator Dianne Feinstein did something similar when she released an executive summary of the classified torture memos back in 2014.

“The rest of Congress and the American public is entitled to know. We put the Constitution in the hands of people to protect it and they’ve abused that power. We need to know who the abusers were and what they did.” said Napolitano.

Maybe Trey Gowdy and his colleagues should stop talking about the memo in front of Fox News cameras and start actually reading it on the House floor?


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