Prison » Dems Unveil ‘Stable Genius Act’ To Evaluate Trump’s Mental Health

Jamie White
January 9th 2018

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) unveiled legislation that would require presidential condidates to have a medical exam and publicly disclose the results before a general election.

“Before voting for the highest office in the land, Americans have a right to know whether an individual has the physical and mental fitness to serve as President of the United States,” Boyle said in a statement.

“While it is necessary to take the current President’s concerning behavior seriously and I support legislation to address these ongoing concerns, I believe we must also be proactive and do all we can to ensure a situation like this does not arise again.”

The new legislation comes after President Trump called himself a “very stable genius” Saturday on Twitter.

Since the phony Russia collusion investigation is predictably turning out to be what CNN’s Van Jones called a “nothingburger,” the left’s new tactic to unseat Trump is to invoke the 25th amendment and declare Trump “mentally…

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