Prison » CNN Caught in Stunning Example of Journalistic Bias

Pelosi’s stunt a “power move,” Trump’s act “taking the low road”

Paul Joseph Watson
January 18, 2019


CNN was caught in perhaps its most brazen act of journalistic bias yet, reporting Nancy Pelosi’s demand that President Trump cancel his State of the Union address as a “power move” but then a day later calling Trump’s cancellation of Pelosi’s foreign trip “taking the low road”.

Trump blocked Pelosi’s trip to Brussels and Afghanistan by halting her use of military aircraft, requesting that she instead stay in Washington DC to negotiate an end to the partial US government shutdown.

Many surmised that this was a delayed response to Pelosi’s earlier demand that Trump postpone his State of the Union address or deliver it in writing.

However, despite the two things being just about on par in terms of power plays, CNN’s political analyst Chris Cillizza betrayed his bias by reporting them completely differently.

Pelosi’s stunt was described as a “power move” while Trump’s act was described as “Taking the low road. Always.”

Respondents on Twitter reacted to Cillizza’s blatant bias.

“You expect someone like @CillizzaCNN to be consistent?” asked one.

“One of these days Cillizza will figure out how to stop stepping on rakes. Today is not that day,” added another.

This is by no means the first time that Cillizza’s tweets have drawn attention.

Last year, he posted one depicting Donald Trump in crosshairs, before promptly deleting it.



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