Prison » BBC Host Questions Whether Being Catholic Should Disqualify One For Office

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
May 24, 2018

BBC host Jo Coburn questioned future Prime Minister contender, conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg, whether his being Catholic should be a “barrier” to holding office in the United Kingdom.

Coburn attacked Rees-Mogg for opposing gay marriage and abortion in accordance with his Catholic faith and said, “Is it a barrier, do you think, to holding high office?”

From The Daily Express:

JACOB Rees-Mogg turned the questioning on the BBC Daily Politics host Jo Coburn and challenged her for “picking on the views of the Catholic church”.

Mr Rees-Mogg defended his views and asked why the ancient teachings of the church were not being tolerated in public life.

He said: “I make no criticism of any of my colleagues but do you believe in religious tolerance?

“So why do you pick on this view of the Catholic church?

“I am asking you, why do you pick on the views of the Catholic church?

BBC presenter Jo Coburn responded: “I am saying there are people who might have a problem with it.”

Mr Rees-Mogg did not let the matter drop and hit back: “You are saying that tolerance only goes so far and you should not be tolerant of the teaching of the Catholic church, so isn’t this stretching into religious bigotry?

Jo Coburn continued: “Is it a barrier, do you think, to holding high office?”

The arch-Brexiteer added: “Ah that is a different question and it is really important to get to the heart of this because this country believes in religious tolerance, we are a very tolerant nation.

“The act of tolerance is to tolerate things you do not agree with not just ones you do agree with and the problem with liberal tolerance is it has got to the point of only tolerating what it likes.

The BBC host responded angrily: “Do not assume what I think or that I am attacking I am raising an issue that your colleagues have also raised.”

Mr Rees-Mogg…

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