Prison » Associated Press Retracts Tweet Slamming George Bush After His Death

Louder With Crowder
December 3, 2018

With the recent passing of President George H.W. Bush, everyone in the media is weighing in on his life. Though, not all of the hot takes on Bush Part One have been positive.

I’m sure the left exercised every bit of self control they had to avoid douching out over Bush’s death. It lasted about as long as a bowl of M&Ms in front of Michael Moore.

Here’s what the Associated Press had to say about Bush:

Yep, never mind Dubya’s dad being VP for Ronnie Reagan, head of the CIA, and a naval aviator in World War II, all that matters to the Associated Press is Bush losing to Slick Willy in 1992. I can imagine the thought process of the tweeter now. “How do we best make Georgie Boy out to look like a giant failure.”

Apparently, not too many people took kindly to the Associated Press’ douchetastic summary of Bush’s life, because the tweet was quick to come down. The AP changed their tune faster than a crackhead on the way to the store for more baking soda.

Here’s their retraction tweet:

Now, the reactions:

Its funny how lefties call us a bunch…

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