PressTV-‘With knife to our throat?’ China rejects trade talks with US

A senior Chinese official has ruled out more trade talks with the United States under pressure, a day after American tariffs imposed by the Washington on Chinese goods took effect.

“Now that the US has adopted this type of large-scale trade restrictions, they’re holding a knife to someone’s throat. Under these circumstances, how can negotiations proceed?” Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said at a press conference on Tuesday.

US tariffs on 200 billion dollars’ worth of imported Chinese goods — and China’s retaliatory duties on 60 billion dollars’ worth of US products — took effect on Monday, amid an escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing.

US President Donald Trump initiated what is effectively a trade war with China in April, when he first imposed unusually heavy tariffs on imports from the Asian country.

In a 36,000-word white paper issued on Monday, the Chinese cabinet, known as the State Council, accused the…

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