PressTV-We’ll empower EU right wing: Trump’s envoy

US President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, says he wants to “empower” the like-minded right wing in Europe.

“I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders,” the ambassador, Richard Grenell, told right wing Breitbart News in comments published Sunday. “I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left.”

The comments have led to backlash from liberals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Germany’s foreign ministry, led by a member of the country’s left-leaning Social Democrat party, has said that it would seek clarification about the comments when the US envoy meets with a deputy foreign minister on Wednesday.

This is not the first time the diplomat’s comments are taking the attention of the media. Soon after arriving to his post in Berlin in May, Grenell threatened US sanctions against German…

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