PressTV-Use of deadly drones rising under Trump: Study

A new study reveals that the US use of deadly drones is increasing under President Donald Trump.

The study by the nonpartisan Stimson Centre think tank said the Trump administration is on course to dramatically intensify America’s use of assassination drones, which had already rapidly increased under Obama.

“President Trump reportedly authorized at least 80 strikes in his first year in office in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, and is set to surpass the strike tempo of both of his predecessors, which perhaps signals a greater willingness to use lethal force,” the Stimson study states.

It said the US drone policy has thus far been defined by uncertainty coupled with less oversight and less transparency.

The report also revealed that Trump has delegated more authority to battlefield commanders to authorize drone strikes without first seeking approval from the White House or Washington security officials.

The US has been carrying out drone…

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