PressTV-‘US war on terror orchestrated by Israel First neocons’

America’s so-called war on terror, which some studies show has cost nearly $6 trillion and killed about half a million people, was orchestrated by Zionist neoconservatives in the US to destroy Muslin nations, a US scholar says.

“It was a neoconservative coup d’état and which holds that the US has to keep fighting perpetual wars, whose only real geo-strategic beneficiary is Israel,” said Kevin Barrett, an author, journalist and radio host with a PhD  in Islamic and Arabic Studies.

“It was orchestrated by Israel First neocons and to some extent hard-line hawks in the US military establishment,” Barrett told Press TV on Friday.

Recent studies have “underestimated the disastrous consequences of the US so-called war on terror,” he added.

A new study has revealed that the United States has spent nearly $6 trillion in its war on terror which it launched 17 year ago after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The “Costs of War”…

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