PressTV-‘US, UK support cruel, torturing autocracies’

The United States and Britain have traditionally supported repressive regimes and terrorist organizations throughout the world, while seeking to overthrow independent and democratic nations, says an academic and political analyst in London.

Critics say Washington seems to follow a double-standard approach when it comes to recent protests in Iran.

“Democracy is the one thing that the US and the UK do not want and that is exemplified by their continued support for all the cruel autocracies of the Middle East,” said professor Rodney Shakespeare.

“You’re looking not just at double-standards; you’re looking at a deliberate policy to support cruel, torturing autocracies; the USA helped to bring in ISIL, the Takfiri, the head choppers and the throat slitters,” Shakespeare told Press TV on Monday.

Iran has denounced Washington’s “duplicitous and opportunist” support for the protests against economic conditions in a number of Iranian…

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