PressTV-US to boost hypersonic arms research after Russia test

The US Defense Department will boost research in hypersonic offense and defense weapons, in response to a recent Russian test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile system, according to US media.

The Pentagon will step its focus on hypersonic weapons as Russia and China continue their march toward fielding the technology and erode America’s dominance, Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza, a Pentagon spokeswoman, told the Voice of America (VOA).

“While the United States has been the world leader in hypersonic system research for many decades, we did not choose to weaponize it,” Baldanza told VOA..

“Those who have decided to weaponize hypersonics are creating a war-fighting asymmetry that we must address,” she added.

“We are pursuing options for weapons delivered from land, sea and air to hold at risk high value, heavily defended and time critical targets at relevant ranges so that we can ensure our ability to dominate the battlefield by…

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