PressTV-US teachers demand better pay, more public funding

Thousands of teachers have staged a rally in the US state of Arizona to demand better pay and more funding for public schools.

Educators gathered at the state Capitol on Tuesday for the third day in a row to press lawmakers for more resources in the education sector. The rally is part of a general strike that has spread from West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky since February.

“We need you to keep on red alert,” said kindergarten teacher Kelley Wendland Fisher, an organizer with Arizona Educators United. “We need for you to be the eyes and ears, we need you to be down there making sure that they know that we are watching and listening to everything that’s happening.”

Teachers condemn years of budget austerity while the government pushes to fund private charter schools with public funds. Organizers said protests will continue indefinitely until lawmakers act effectively to change the current status.

“Now it comes down to the hard…

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