PressTV-US state lawmaker funded anti-Muslim group

A US state lawmaker from Washington is accused of violating election campaign finance laws to donate to an anti-Muslim group and promote his radio show on a conspiracy website associated with a far-right secessionist movement.

Republican Representative Matt Shea, a member of the Washington State Legislature, is being investigated by the state’s Public Disclosure Commission over the use of surplus funds from his election account.

The commission has confirmed to KHQ, a local news channel, that they have two open complaints to review Shea’s alleged campaign finance violations.

Washington state campaign finance rules allow candidates to use leftover funds to pay off campaign funds, or donate to the state treasury, their political party, or a state-registered charity.

Instead, Shea’s campaign donated to two fringe groups – Americans for America, and Citizens for Free Speech.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights advocacy…

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