PressTV-US senators paid by Saudi lobby back Yemen war: Study

At least five of the 37 US republican senators who voted against a recent resolution to end US military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen have received election contributions from lobbying groups working for Saudi Arabia, according to a study.

Senators Tim Scott, John Boozman, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr and Mike Crapo all received financial contributions from firms representing Saudi interests between 2016 and 2017, according to a report by the Center for International Policy (CIP).

The report, released last month by the Washington-based think tank, illustrates how Riyadh uses its vast wealth to influence US foreign policy.

All five Republican senators voted against advancing the bill, which, if passed, would force the US to limit its support for the devastating Saudi war in Yemen.

Senators in the upper chamber of Congress voted 63 to 37 to move the resolution forward. The House of Representatives has yet to take action over the Yemen…

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