PressTV-US pushing UK to raise military budget

The US has stepped up pressure on British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to increase military spending, after the US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned that France could become America’s “partner of choice” on the international scene.

In a letter that was kept a secret until recently, Mattis warned his British counterpart Gavin Williamson that Washington was concerned London’s military power and diplomatic influence was “at risk of erosion” due to lack of funding.

The two-page letter, sent on June 12, was leaked to The Sun on Monday, states that the credibility of the UK’s armed forces” was at stake.

“I am concerned that your ability to continue to provide this critical military foundation for diplomatic success is at risk of erosion, while together we face a world awash with change,” wrote Mattis.

“A global nation like the UK, with interests and commitments around the world, will require a level of defense…

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