PressTV-US provoking China on its periphery: Analyst

The US feels threatened by China’s growing and vibrant economy therefore because it cannot attack China directly it confronts China on its periphery and through other states, an independent analyst says. 

Adam Garrie, a political writer and activist, made the remarks in reaction to US President Donald Trump’s pick for the next American ambassador to South Korea Admiral Harry Harris who said on Wednesday that while North Korea continues to pose the most imminent threat to the US, China still remains the biggest long-term challenge that Washington is faced with.

“China is growing stronger in every sense and America is growing weaker in every sense,” Garrie told Press TV.

He said China is seen as a much more grave threat than North Korea because “in pure objective terms China is a super-power and one that continues to grow just as sure as the US is a declining super power and it goes without saying that China’s more…

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