PressTV-US police attack, arrest immigration protesters

US police have attacked a large number of people in the states of New Mexico and Philadelphia protesting against President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration that separated children from migrant parents on the US-Mexico border.

On Thursday night, police used force against the protesters, arrested a dozen of them and ushered them out of the New Mexico Statehouse.

Miles Conway, a union official who helped organize the demonstrations, said that protesters who refused to leave the Capitol were led from the building and released with citations for trespassing.

Police also arrested three protesters who refused to leave the governor’s offices and were charged with resisting arrest. Eleanor Chavez, Marlene Perrotte and Susan Schuurman were driven away in a police patrol car.

Hundreds of protesters arrived at the New Mexico state Capitol in the afternoon in coordination with demonstrations in Washington, DC, where police…

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