PressTV-US nurse arrested for impregnating woman in vegetative state

Police in Phoenix, Arizona have arrested a male nurse on suspicion of raping a female patient in vegetative state who gave birth last month.

Nathan Sutherland, 36, a licensed practical nurse, was arrested after Phoenix police crime laboratory technicians determined that his DNA “matched the baby,” police said Wednesday.

The suspect was responsible for caring for the victim at Hacienda Healthcare facility.

“From the minute we first became aware of the crime, we have virtually worked non-stop seven days a week to resolve this case,” Phoenix police chief Jeri Williams told media on Wednesday morning.

Caretakers of the patient, who had been in vegetative state for years, were surprised when she gave birth on December 29.

One told a 911 dispatcher: “We had no idea she was pregnant.”

The victim is a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe.

“The baby, I am told, is doing quite well,” Sergeant Tommy Thompson said, noting they were…

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