PressTV-US military caught using mockup Chinese jet for practice

The US military has reportedly been caught using a full-size replica of an advanced Chinese fighter jet for training purposes, a move experts say reflects Washington’s growing concerns over China’s growing military prowess.

The mock-up was based on the Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter jet and was first spotted at a military facility near the Savannah-Hilton Head Airport in Georgia, home to the US Air Dominance Center (ADC), the South China Morning Post reported Sunday.

First photographed on December 5, details about the jet were published two days later by the website However, the report was not taken seriously until the military blog asked Colonel Emmanuel Haldopoulos, the commander of the ADC, about the report’s authenticity.

Haldopoulos said in response that the mock-up plane was “a full-scale replica and remained at the air base for a short period” between December 4 and 6.

A mock-up of the Chinese…

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