PressTV-‘US midterms all about fate of a liar’

Senator Bernie Sanders has once again launched into a tirade against US President Donald Trump amid the country’s midterm congressional elections, calling the American head of state a person who “lies every day about every imaginable thing.”

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, the Vermont senator lashed out at Trump’s credibility and said the US midterm elections would be a referendum on whether Americans were comfortable with a president who is a “pathological liar,” and lies about every possible thing.

“What this election is really about is whether we feel comfortable about having a president who is a pathological liar, who lies every day about every imaginable thing,” Sanders told CNN.

US Senator Bernie Sanders gives a speech at a campaign event on November 4, 2018 in Burlington, Vermont. (Photo by AFP)

“And whether we as Americans are comfortable having a president who tries to divide us up, divide us up based on the color of…

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