PressTV-US homeless shelters overwhelmed in brutal winter

US homeless shelters are overwhelmed with people fleeing the deadly cold as record-low temperatures have gripped New England and much of the rest of the eastern United States.

Amid the brutal cold, officials in New York, Boston, Washington and other major cities are stepping up their efforts to find homeless people on the streets and encourage them into shelters.

The cold snap has been blamed for the death of at least 19 homeless men, according to officials and local news media.

In Boston, the Pine Street Inn is filled with enough beds to sleep close to 500 people, but they are not enough to house all the homeless individuals seeking protection from the harsh subfreezing temperatures, said shelter spokeswoman Barbara Trevisan.

“We don’t want anyone to die in the street,” Trevisan said. “It’s really a matter of life and death.”

Dozens of hungry people lined up at the homeless shelter on Friday for a lunch of soup and sandwiches….

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