PressTV-US healthcare morally wrong: Ban Ki-moon

Former United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has denounced the United States’ healthcare system as being “unethical”, “unfair” and outright “wrong.”

The South Korean politician said, “Nobody would imagine that there should be so many people – 30 million people – who would be left behind” in America.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian newspaper published on Tuesday, he insisted that not providing healthcare, especially in a rich countries like the US, was “unethical” and “politically wrong, morally wrong”.

Ban, who said as secretary general he had pledged to make the world a better place for all, highlighted the importance of universal health coverage.

He said it was still his duty and part of his work with The Elders — a group founded by Nelson Mandela — to tackle world problems, to address the issue of inadequate universal health coverage.  

“Nobody would understand why almost 30…

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