PressTV-‘US has history of exploitation in Central America’

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first state visit to Panama slated on December 2 and the further expansion of ties between Beijing and Central American countries is a “positive” move since the US has a “history of exploitation, war and genocide,” an American human rights expert and peace activist says.

“I view this as a positive thing myself, if you look at the history of the United States towards Central America, it has been a history of exploitation, war, genocide and I think to have China come in and providing an alternative relationship that hopefully will be less exploitative and more supportive can only be viewed as a good thing,” Daniel Kovalik, who teaches international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in the state of Pennsylvania, told Press TV on Friday.   

Kovalik also touched on the issue of caravans of Central American migrants who started their march toward the US in early October –…

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