PressTV- US govt. ‘like global sex offender’: Analyst

The United States is like a global sex offender and wherever there is a sex offence the US is at the top of the list of suspects, according to American political analyst and journalist Don DeBar.

DeBar made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on a statement of Pakistani Senator Mushahid Hussain who said in a recent interview that the United States was behind the August 1988 C-130 Hercules plane crash that killed then-Pakistan President General Muhammad Zia-ul Haq. 

Also killed in the crash were several of Zia’s top army officers and the American Ambassador in Islamabad, Arnold Raphel.

The assassination of General Zia “was a joint operation by America and the then (Pakistani) military establishment,” Senator Hussain claimed.

DeBar said that the US government is like “a registered sex offender” and when a sex offence takes place, “we know who the offender is.”

“It’s like if you have a registered…

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