PressTV-US government shuts down over Trump’s border wall

The US government has partially shut down after Congress failed to pass a federal spending bill that addresses President Donald Trump’s demand for money to build a wall on the US-Mexico border fiercely opposed by Democratic Party lawmakers.  

Frantic negotiations by lawmakers at both chambers of Congress on Friday failed to reach a deal, sending parts of the federal government into paralysis at midnight.

The shutdown was the latest evidence of dysfunction in Washington and does not bode well for next year, when Democrats will have a stronger hand as they take control of the House of Representatives.

Trump sought to blame Democrats for the shutdown, who responded by reminding him that he said last week he would be “proud” to shut down key parts of the federal government in order to get funding for the wall.

Trump also warned of “a very long” government shutdown in a tweet on Friday, and described it as “great.”

“President Trump…

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