PressTV-‘US government has long been a problem for Americans’

The foreign policy of previous US administrations had been more damaging to the welfare of the country than President Donald Trump’s policies, an issue than Americans have forgotten due to their short attention span, a political analyst in Maryland says.

Successive US governments have sacrificed the wellbeing of Americans for decades in order to finance wars around the globe, said Myles Hoenig, who ran for Congress in 2016 as a Green Party candidate.

“We have to question why so many liberals and progressives are so much opposed to Trump when Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush did as much, if not more damage to the welfare of the American people and world security,” Hoenig said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

“In part its due to the short attention span we as a nation have, or as Gore Vidal called it “The United States of Amnesia,” he added. “This is perpetrated by our main stream media that will not do deep analysis of…

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