PressTV-‘US demonizing Iran to prepare Americans for war’

The administration of US President Donald Trump is attempting to “demonize” Iran in order to prepare Americans for another possible war in the Middle East following Washington’s failed invasion of Iraq, says an American political activist.

The rhetoric against Iran coming from hawkish US officials resembles the language used against Iraq before the 2003 military intervention, said Media Benjamin, best known for co-founding Code Pink, a grassroots anti-war and social justice movement.

“It’s very scary what the US administration is doing; I’ve seen this before prior to the invasion of Iraq where they kept making up lies and distortions to paint Iraq as a threat to the United States; to prepare us for a military intervention,” Benjamin said in a phone interview with Press TV.

“It’s important for the American people to know what this administration is up to and to counter the attacks against Iran,” she added.

On Wednesday,…

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