PressTV-US created all terrorist groups in Middle East: Writer

The United States created Daesh (ISIL) and all other terrorist groups in the Middle East region to further its imperial agenda, according to American political analyst Stephen Lendman.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday the US is using Daesh as a pretext to maintain its military presence in Syria and views the Takfiri group as an ally to push regime change in the Arab country.

“The US State Department has declared that Daesh has not been completely defeated and that the main condition for its defeat is regime change in Syria and the withdrawal of any Iranian or pro-Iranian units from the country,” said Lavrov.

“This confirms my theory that the Americans view Daesh as an excuse for their presence in Syria and almost as an ally in the fight against the Syrian regime. In other words, the main task [for Washington] now is regime change, not defeating Daesh.”

Russia’s top diplomat said the main remaining hotbed of…

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