PressTV-Understaffed UK hospital to stop cancer treatment

A major hospital in Britain has decided to drop one of the most critical treatments for cancer patients over scarcity of nurses in the facility.

The Cedar Centre at King George hospital in London said Saturday that it will no longer provide chemotherapy because its unit is severely understaffed it case of specialist cancer nurses.

The hospital said chemotherapy will be stopped as of November 12 because the hospital had failed to replace four of its nurses who have quit and two others who have gone on maternity leave.

The King George hospital is one of the biggest trusts operating for the National Health Services, or the NHS, which is the dominant health provider in Britain. The failure of the hospital to hire nurses and other medical staff would mean that that the NHS is in a real understaffing crisis as a result of years of government cuts to health budgets.

The opposition Labour Party has repeatedly criticized spending cuts in social care…

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