PressTV-UN begins investigation into UK poverty

A United Nations special investigator has begun a tour of Britain to examine the impacts of government austerity on the spread of poverty across the country.

Estimates suggest that a fifth of people, around 14 million, are living in poverty in the United Kingdom as millions rely on government and charity help to eat and survive. The surge in poverty is mostly blamed on a series of government austerity measures, which began in 2010, two years after the economic recession, to help shrink budget deficit.

The Guardian newspaper said in a Monday report that Philip Alston, the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, was launching a two-week inquiry into rising levels of poverty and hardship across the UK.

Alston said he was examining the human consequences of austerity cuts across the UK, adding that  the government needed to cooperate in the probe.

The UN diplomat will travel to some of the UK’s poorest towns and…

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