PressTV-UK’s top judge condemns government austerity

The top judge in the United Kingdom has condemned a series of government austerity measures that have been in place since the Conservatives Party rose to power in 2010, saying they have made the poor poorer and left the legal system grappling with new problems.

Brenda Hale, who serves as the president of UK’s Supreme Court, said Wednesday that it was right for many to believe that the government was pursuing wrong policies in its welfare programs, saying cuts to social care budget had left many, including women, children and the disables, worse off, according to The Independent

“The UK government’s austerity policies have undoubtedly made this worse and have posed some uncomfortable problems for the courts,” said Hale while speaking in a conference in the Isle of Man, adding, “… we should not forget that other families are fighting for enough to live on and to make ends meet.”

Hale’s remarks could come as a shock to the…

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