PressTV-UK ‘worst council house’ covered with mushrooms

Local authorities in Britain’s second largest city of Birmingham have forced a homeless couple to live in a house where mushrooms have started to grow and molds rot everything as a result of excessive damp and filth.

The Sun newspaper said in report on Monday that Mark Kent and Mary Whitmore, a couple both 20, had been living for three years in a property in Kings Norton, Birmingham, which is covered in blotchy black mold stains and filled with a musty stench of fungus.

The report said tiles in the shower of the damp-ridden abode were shockingly covered with mushrooms. It said the couple could not even do a full food shopping because everything they brought to the house could be destroyed by molds within 48 hours.

It said the couple, who call the home a “nightmare”, were suffering from various diseases as a result of the unhealthy living condition.

The Sun also published images of the house on its website, asking whether it was…

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