PressTV-‘UK use any absurd chance to pressure Russia’

Russia has reacted to the way the British government and the media have covered a recent flare-up of tensions on Ukraine, saying the ruling Conservative Party is trying to capitalize on any opportunity to pile more pressure on Moscow.

The Russian embassy in London said Thursday that the UK government was pursuing the same policy of blaming Russia for any escalation on Ukraine, saying British authorities were deliberately ignoring the fact that it was the Ukrainian military that caused the recent tensions in the Sea of Azov by illegally entering into Russian waters in the Kerch Strait.

The embassy said “that Kiev’s confrontational policy, which contradicts regional and international security interests, is supported by the UK Conservative Government, which uses every opportunity, however absurd, to maintain ‘pressure’ on Russia.”

“Blaming Russia for an ‘escalation in the Sea of Azov,’ London conceals the fact that on November…

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