PressTV-UK Tories go to meeting amid deep divisions

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party is hours from beginning its annual conference as the party is deeply divided on Prime Minister Theresa May’s policy to steer the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Delegates began gathering in the central English city of Birmingham on Sunday for the Tory conference which will begin on Sunday with Brexit high on the agenda.

The meeting comes amid growing concerns that May’s government could fail to reach an agreement with the EU on how Britain will withdraw from the bloc in March.

Senior Tory member and Business Secretary Greg Clark insisted on Saturday that it was highly unlikely for Britain to crash out of the EU without a deal, a scenario that many fear could have grave implications for the British economy.

“Of course we want a deal … That’s why the next few weeks are going to be important to go through issue by issue what’s being proposed to address whether there are any residual…

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