PressTV-‘UK to earmark £2bn for no-deal Brexit’

The British government is to earmark a budget of around two billion pounds for a contingency plan to cope with a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union, anew report says.

The Guardian newspaper said in a Monday report that the British cabinet will sign off on the plan which will outline measures in different government departments for dealing with a no-deal Brexit.

Britain is expected to leave the EU on March 29, 2019. With uncertainties growing over the fate of Prime Minister Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal, many expect the country would be forced to leave the EU without an agreement that could define its withdrawal terms as well as the future relations with the EU.

Economists and politicians have warned that a disorderly exit will create huge losses for Britain and the EU. However, May has indicated that she would not be willing to extend Britain’s membership in the bloc nor she would accept the idea of a second Brexit…

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